Mike's Chess Page

Welcome to the home of my chess104 algorithm. This little script will let you store a small chunk of data using the pieces of a chessboard. It can encode 104 bits of data.

That works out to 20 characters using a squashy 5-bit encoding, but there are other options too if you really feel the need to write "COFFEE" in efficient hexadecimal. So just go and write something on a chessboard already! Check it out, this one says "Mike was here".

Encode some data:

Enter your data here to encode it on a chessboard:

Decode a board:

Please enter the FEN value for the board. The FEN value is used to write down the positions of every piece. Use the graphical input if you do not know it.


See the info page to find out how this works, or the encoding test page for info on what you can store.

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