An experiment in dynamic recipes

Dynamic content doesn’t seem to have reached the field of culinary art yet — but it could have one very neat application:

  • You tell a computer what ingredients you have, and it tells you what to make

As a small experiment, this PHP script (source code) will suggest fruit combinations for making citrus cordial, based on what is available. It will also tell you how much sugar, citric acid, and tartaric acid you will need.

If you live in a region with some very exotic citrus fruit, then you can easily modify the fruit list at the top of the code, and run a copy locally.

Mike’s Raycaster – Version 0.04

Mike's Raycaster at work

I’ve just finished writing up version 0.04 of my fairly buggy raycaster demonstration, which you can find at The source code is also available from there. This one will only work on Windows.

The controls in this version are:

  • Movement: Up, Down, Left, Right arrows.
  • Return to start: Enter (return).
  • Debug mode: Space bar.

The rendering bugs in this version will be fixed by a partial re-write for the 0.05 release.

Strange problems from corrupt files

I’m upgrading from Firefox 0.x to 2.x on one of my computers. Decompressing the downloaded file seemed to be taking far too long, so I took a look at what was up. Somehow, it seems that the incomplete download of 2.4MB (the whole thing should be around 9MB) managed to cause gzip to write out 521MB of data before I stopped it.

The moral of the story? Always check the MD5 sums.