Scripting Windows Shares

As much as I try to avoid it, sometimes I need to use Windows servers, and windows .bat files aren’t exactly the pinnacle of scripting languages. This post is about bulk-sharing home directories with consistent permissions.

As I’m a reformed Visual Basic programmer, so I decided to solve this in PHP rather than VB script.

This crude script will make a batch file to share every subdirectory (ie, hundreds of users’ home directories), and also delete desktop.ini from each of them them. Save the code below as magic.php, run it, and then run tricks.bat.

$stuff = whats_here();
$tricks = fopen("tricks.bat", "w");
foreach($stuff as $folder) {
	$line = do_things($folder);
	fwrite($tricks, $line);

function do_things($folder) {
	$things .= ":: $folderrn";
	$things .= "net share $folder /DELETErn";
	$things .= "net share $folder=".getcwd()."\$folder /GRANT:EVERYONE,FULLrn";
	$things .= "del /Q $folderdesktop.inirnrn";
	return $things;

function whats_here() {
	/* List directories in this one */
	$here = opendir(getcwd());
	$dir  = array();
	while($kid = readdir($here)) {
		if(is_dir($kid) && $kid != "." && $kid != "..") {
			$dir[] = $kid;
	return $dir;

I’ve heard that Windows PowerShell is pretty useful once you get used to it, but Windows sysadmins seem to dislike scripting as much as I dislike using repetitious GUI interfaces. Oh well, a couple of PHP scripts wont hurt. 🙂