Brother HL-2270DW on Linux

The Brother HL-2270DW is one of the best budget laser printers around, with third party consumables readily available on eBay.

The printer has a network port on the back of it, which is great news for GNU/Linux users, because networked printers tend to speak standard protocols.

The fastest way to get this printer working without Windows is to plug it in and log in via the web. The default settings have DHCP enabled. Here are a few pieces of crytic voodoo magic that helped me:

  1. To reset the print server settings, hold “GO” on startup, then let go and press it 6 times.
  2. The default admin login is admin / access
  3. On my printer (Firmware 1.10), printing network settings by holding “GO” for 10 seconds caused the network card (Brother NC-7800w) activity lights to go off, requiring a reboot.

On Debian, there is no “Brother HL-220DW” CUPS driver on the list, but I found the following driver to work fine (and allow duplex):

Brother HL-2170W Foomatic/hpijs-pcl5e (recommended)

To use this driver, you will need to install the HP Linux Printing and Imaging printer driver:

apt-get install printer-driver-hpijs