Loading OEIS integer sequences

To show that interpreted languages can be fast when used well, I’m posting this example.

Take the On-line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences database, which is a collection of integer sequences. That means lists of numbers. You can get a file from http://oeis.org/stripped.gz, which contains the first few numbers of each sequence. Today’s file extracts to about 38MB.

Now I need to do lookups in this file for a program I’m writing, and that program is in PHP. We want to know some sequences based on their A-number, like this:

$primes = oeis("A000040");
$fibonacci = oeis("A000045");

If we’re smart about it, then even a large file can be parsed in fractions of a second. Here’s how we do it:

/* This code needs an extract of the OEIS database to operate.
	I got it from http://oeis.org/stripped.gz
	Just extract that to this folder for lookups */
function oeis($number) {
	/* Return an array of values based on a sequence's OEIS number */
	$number = strtoupper($number);
	$fp = fopen("stripped", "r");
	while($ln = fgets($fp)) { /* Find this sequence and break the loop */
		if(substr($ln, 0, strlen($number) + 1) == $number." ") {
			$res = $ln;
	/* Exit if we haven't got anything */
	if(!isset($res)) { return false; }
	$rv = explode(" ", $ln); /* Split lines into left and right of space */
	$ln = trim($rv[1]);
	$ln = substr($ln, 1, strlen($ln)-2); /* Slices off extra commas on sides */
	$rv = explode(",", $ln); /* Split by commas */
	return $rv;

Note that we don’t use explode() until after we have found the line we need, and also note that file_get_contents() is not used at all. (Multi-megabyte strings will bog you down in any language).

Parsing Asterisk Configuration

If you are writing for Asterisk PBX, you may feel the need to create a public telephone directory.

Today we’ve been putting together Phonebook, a web-based phonebook which pulls data from an asterisk server. We used JQTouch for the interface, with PHP to process data files. We also use a CSV file exported from our hosted gmail to ensure that people’s names are spelled correctly.

The configuration

Asterisk’s configuration files are INI-like, and you’ll find them in /etc/asterisk/ on most systems. Just one important thing though, asterisk lets you use brackets ( ) in caller-IDs, etc, which will cause PHP’s parse_ini_file() function to fizzle out and die due to an alleged syntax error.

To save yourself some trouble, use this little class I wrote, which will load INI data into an associative array:

class ns_ini_parser {
	/* Mike's non-standard INI parser for asterisk files. https://mike42.me
		Note that PHP's parse_ini_file will die with a syntax error on key = value (bracket), which is unacceptable */

	function parse_string($string) {
		$lines		= explode("n", $string);
		$section	= "0";
		$result		= array();
		foreach($lines as $line) {
			$line = trim($line);
			if($line == "" || substr($line, 0,1) == ";") {
				/* Comment, no action */
			} elseif(substr($line, 0,1) == "[") {  /* [section] */
				$l		  = strlen($line);
				$line		  = trim(substr($line, 1, $l - 2));	/* Strip brackets */
				$section	  = $line;
				if(!isset($result[$section])) {
					$result[$section] = array();
			} else {				/* key = val */
				$parts = explode("=", $line);
				$key = trim($parts[0]);	/* The key is everything left of the equal */
				unset($parts[0]);	/* Got that, unset it */
				$val = trim(join("=", $parts));	/* Value is everything on the righht */
				$result[$section][$key] = $val;
		return $result;

	function parse_file($path) {
		$string = file_get_contents($path);
		return $this -> parse_string($string);

The example usage below will list user’s extensions next to their caller ID, which you could use for a web phonebook:

/* Example PHP code to parse asterisk configuration */
$config_parser = new ns_ini_parser;
$users  = $config_parser -> parse_file("/etc/asterisk/users.conf");

foreach($users as $id => $user) {
	if(is_numeric($id)) { /* Only show numbers, not other sections */
		echo "<a href="tel:$id">$id</a> ".$user['fullname']."<br />";

I don’t think it gets easier than that! I’ll post the rest once you can manage the contacts as well.