Patton CLI commands

Patton SN4114 and SN4120

Patton makes a bunch of gateways to connect computer networks to telephone networks. They are some of the most amazingly configurable boxes in the world (once you figure out how the damn things work!)

Setting the admin password via the web interface has never worked on any of the 5 SmartNodes which I use, but rather than try a firmware upgrade, I thought I’d try the CLI.

Whilst I was logged in, I noticed that they all support SNMP, which I also can’t find out how to enable via the web interface.

        administrator <username> password <password>
        snmp community <public> ro
        copy running-config startup-config


SNMP lets you check just about anything. In my case, I use it to find out if the ISDN lines are down, via the check_snmp plugin for Icinga.