escpos-php 1.4 released

The next minor release of the open source receipt printing library for escpos-php was published today.

See the release notes for all the details.

Aside from the official documentation, if you are a PHP programmer with a receipt printer, you can learn how to use escpos-php by reading the escpos-php tag on this blog.

Please direct any questions or suggestions to the issue tracker on GitHub.

6 Replies to “escpos-php 1.4 released”

  1. Test driver your chrome raw printing extension. But chrome sucks, it didn’t see the USB printer, chrome://devices-log not showing .So, it didn’t work out. I got to find other solution.

    And I found it, published at this with your name mentioned.

  2. Hi Mike, thank you for your great job, but I can’t make it work with CUSTOM printers.
    I’m using your ethernet interface. I set printer IP to on port 9100 but nothing. Don’tr print Hello world message, or any line command

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