escpos-php 1.6 released

Another update to the open source receipt printing library escpos-php has been released today. For composer users, it is available as mike42/escpos-php

This is expected to be the final release in the 1.x series. Newer versions will drop support for some end-of-life PHP versions.

The v1.6 release notes detail the changes and lists 13 additional printers tested out by the user base.

Please direct any bug reports to the issue tracker on GitHub. The escpos-php tag on this blog has some tips and examples.

I’ll also call out some related projects that I’ve been involved with, which you should consider contributing to if you are working with thermal receipt printers:

  • escpos-printer-db – Crowd-sourced database of printer features. Add your printer for better support in open source drivers!
  • escpos-tools – Tools to work with ESC/POS binary, including text or image extraction, HTML conversion.
  • chrome-raw-print – A browser plugin to access local printers from a web-page.

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