Samoan Language Resources Section Started

I’ve put the beginnings of my Samoan Language section online. It’s still about 6-months away from becoming useful, but you can see the start of it here.

The story is: I wanted to put my language notes online, but in the 21st century, there’s no way I’d do it without audio, and hyperlinks to a good dictionary.

There doesn’t seem to be anything like that online yet, so I took the liberty of creating a neat database combining the words with audio, definitions, and examples which can be embedded in the notes.

That opens up a lot of ideas for other things, but for now I still have a lot of data to collect. Back to work!

I blame tetrads!

Tetrad nets

If you play too much Tetris, then you should check out the new subpage: The Tetrad Corner. It’s a collection of things I’ve made this week about the shapes used in tetris (‘tetrads’).

The original idea was that it would be cool to have a tetradic phone password. That is, your password makes a Tetris shape on the keypad. I was bored enough this week to actually write a little script for it, along with a PHP class for rotating the blocks, rendering them as a HTML table, etc.

It turned out alright, but fearing that I had begun something as time-consuming as tetris itself, I banished it to a single-page sub-site. The source code is there if you want those crufty HTML-tetrads on your site: (I don’t!)

Crufty HTML-generated tetrads

Now what I do want is a few tetris blocks for my desk, so I made up some nets to print out and cut up. Now I can make a small paper Tetris game! (PDF linked to image above). Neat huh?

A tetris game in the palm of my hand!

Update 12/4: I built these shapes today. There were two tabs missing on the nets (fixed!), so I cheated by using sticky tape. Click to enlarge the cheesily-colourised image.